Frequently Asked Questions
What is the price?
The 12″x12″ samples are currently priced at $5.95.
Is the color 100% accurate?
Yes. We use two coats of the exact paint provided by the brand. For that reason, the color is exactly the same as the final painted result. That is the primary advantage over traditional paint swatches which are merely dyed to mimic the color.
What sizes are available?
The samples are available in 12″x12″ sizes.
How is this different from the free swatches provided by paint manufacturers?
The difference between this and the free swatches provided by the manufacturers is the size, flexible material, adhesive backing, color accuracy, and texture. Paint swatches (even the large ones) are “printed” using a dyed lacquer of close resembling color, which is why they always look a little different than the final painted result and why many designers opt to paint sample boards or the wall surface directly. We apply two coats of real paint to the decals, so they have the same advantages that the paint itself has. We use the specific paint from each paint line that we carry. The final result is identical to a painted wall and the decals can be moved around to view color in a variety of locations.
Are different finish options available?
We do not offer custom finishes at this time, but it is something we may offer in the future.
Will the adhesive on the decal damage the wall surface?
We use a low tack, water-based adhesive that is specifically designed for interior wall surfaces. The decal is easily removed without any damage. However, if the wall has been recently painted and not allowed the time to properly cure, damage is possible. A general rule of thumb is that if masking tape won’t damage the wall, the decal won’t either.
What paint lines do you carry?

We offer all colors from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. We also offer select colors from Farrow & Ball and 6-count kit packs through Home Depot. We will offer additional paint lines in the future.

What is the turnaround time and shipping cost?
We ship out all orders the same day (excluding Sundays and government holidays) if an order is placed before 1:00pm EST. Orders placed after 1:00pm EST are shipped the next day. Shipping is free for all US orders over $15 and arrive in 1-3 business days, depending on location. Expedited shipping is available for purchase.
Are there any bubbles in the decal after application?
There usually are a few bubbles in the decal after it is applied to the wall surface, but they are easily smoothed out.
Can the decals be trimmed?
The decals are easily trimmed with ordinary scissors.
Are the decals reusable?
The decals are easily repositionable many times but we see these as single-project use. It is difficult to get the decal back onto the release paper for storage and later reuse. It’s possible, but tricky. You can always leave the decals on their backings if you want to reuse them in other projects without reordering.
Can the decals be repainted?
The decals can certainly be repainted if you choose to do so.
Where are you located?
Our warehouse facility is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee.