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Peel & Stick Sample Retail Program


The only samples made with real paint


Faster and more confident color decisions


Excellent revenue per square foot


Simplified reordering system


Existing customer base with high demand

Offer the one of a kind product

The Samplize retail program is the only way to carry Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, or PPG peel & stick samples made with genuine paint. The samples enable confident color decisions, leading to higher satisfaction and fewer paint reformulations. The reduced time spent mixing paint for samples frees up labor and mixing machines while bringing customers into stores.

The displays come in two sizes: a floor model featuring 100 colors and a tabletop model with 50. Both models are refined to the top colors for a less overwhelming selection process and maximum square foot efficiency. 

Shopper Award40,000+ Ratings
How do I get started?
Sign up on this page to be alerted when our retail program launches (Fall 2020). When the time comes, we will reach out to you to set up your account. You will only be required to pay for the initial inventory – there is no cost for the display itself.
What paint lines do you carry?

The initial retail program will offer paint lines from Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and PPG. If you are a retailer interested in a different paint line, please reach out to us at

What colors are available?
We will keep the top 200 colors of each manufacturer in stock at all times. What colors you order are up to you (100 for the floor unit, 50 for the tabletop unit). We will also have a “recommended colors” option if you are unsure which colors to stock. Note: the top 100 colors account for over 40% of all paint color sales.
What is the price?
The samples are priced at $3.00 ea wholesale, with an MSRP of $5.95. All colors are sold in packs of 8 ($24/pack). All accounts are on net 30 terms. There is no cost for the unit itself.
What is the reordering process?
We have built a simple platform for reordering color packs. Simply log in, select the colors, and place the order. All orders will be billed to your account with net 30 terms.
Is the color 100% accurate?
We do not simply color match, but use the specific paint color from each individual manufacturer. The material we use is able to display color just like a wall surface, so the result is identical to a painted wall.
How is this different from the free swatches provided by paint manufacturers?
The difference between this and the free swatches provided by the manufacturers is the size, flexible material, adhesive backing, color accuracy, and texture. Paint swatches (even the large ones) are “printed” using a dyed lacquer of close resembling color, which is why they always look a little different than the final painted result and why many designers opt to paint sample boards or the wall surface directly. We apply two coats of real paint to the decals, so they have the same advantages that the paint itself has. We use the specific paint from each paint line that we carry.
Will the adhesive on the decal damage the wall surface?
We use a low tack, water-based adhesive that is specifically designed for interior wall surfaces. The decal is easily removed without any damage. However, if the wall has been recently painted and not allowed the time to properly cure, damage is possible. A general rule of thumb is that if masking tape won’t damage the wall, the decal won’t either.
What is the turnaround time and shipping cost?
We ship out orders same day if an order is placed before 1:00pm EST. Shipping cost and time varies according to the destination location and the shipping option selected. We have access to USPS Commercial Plus shipping rates and pass those savings on to you.

Spots are Limited