Samplize FAQ

Why peel-and-stick samples?

Our peel & stick samples help ensure you never make another design mistake. Unlike paint color chips that are considered a “close match,” our samples have two coats of the actual paint from the brand, providing you with 100% color accuracy. Our patented peel & stick samples have the flexibility to adhere to any interior wall, including uneven or textured surfaces, and can be reapplied in various locations. Try out paint from several manufacturers before commiting to buy full cans.

Is the color 100% accurate?

Yes. We use two coats of the exact paint provided by the brand. For that reason, the color is exactly the same as the final painted result. That is the primary advantage over traditional paint swatches which are merely dyed to mimic the color.

Are your peel-and-stick samples safe to adhere to any wall?

The adhesive on the samples should not cause damage to any interior wall. The samples can be applied to uneven or textured surfaces and around corners. They can be removed from one wall and reapplied in other locations.

Where do I purchase paint once I’ve made my decision?

Once you decide which paint you want, you can buy it at any store that sells your selected manufacturer.


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